Gearheads is Bloomington's One Stop Shop for

Your Vehicle's Service and Repair

Our Mission Statement

At Gearheads Garage it is our vision to earn every customer's trust and, loyalty so that we become known as The Best Automotive Repair Shop in the Bloomington/Normal Area.

It is our mission to provide excellent customer care, outstanding vehicle maintenance and repair services for every customer, every time.


  1. 1. Stay Focused on the Vision and Mission of this Company
  2. 2. Do Only Work We are Proud Of
  3. 3. Take Care of Our Customer First and then, Their Vehicles
  4. 4. Conduct Ourselves in a Professional and Thoughtful Manner at All Times
  5. 5. Treat Everyone with Respect at All Times (a) Be Honest with the Customers and Each Other (b) Go Directly to The Source When There is a Question or an Issue
  6. 6. Be Positive; Avoid Negativity and Workplace Drama
  7. 7. Work Through Conflict in the Spirit of Open Communication and Cooperation
  8. 8. Praise Professionally and Openly; Criticize Carefully and in Private
  9. 9. Understand that Mistakes will Happen, Own Up to Them and, Learn From Them
  10. 10. Celebrate Successes and Most Importantly... Have Fun!